Manufacturing-laboratory-chemical- C-fit Life orange shadowFor years, products like pre workout energizers, BCAAs, and whey protein seemed very mysterious to the average person. But C-FIT  offers something much different from all of the supplement brands out there today. It can help bridge the gap between what active weightlifters/sports enthusiasts want for energy and strength and what everyone wants to be healthy and happy in their everyday life.


• Human beings lost their ability to make their own Vitamin C thousands of years ago, unlike 99.9999% of all other animal species.  As a result, heart disease, cancer, immune deficiencies and other assorted illnesses are all much more prevalent in humans than most other animals.
• Our dietary vitamin C is the only source we have to make healthy collagen for our skin, heart, and overall health.
• Today, government guidelines recommend that we ingest 75 to 90 mg of vitamin C daily.  Why?  Hundreds of years ago, sailors demonstrated that only a small amount of vitamin C was required to prevent full-blown scurvy.  But is it enough to achieve optimal health?  To prevent the longer term effects of chronic scurvy?  Not even close.  This lack of vitamin C in the average person’s diet has led to a host of problems that other animals rarely have to face.  You can live with it, but you may not be as healthy as you can and should be.


• Vitamin C is important for the maintenance of blood vessels, bones, disks, organs, skin, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and teeth, which in turn affect such things as speed, strength, endurance, and of course muscle development, the goal of every person who works out.
• Without a proper amount of vitamin C, our immune system is weakened.
• Without a proper amount of vitamin C, our skin is not as elastic and healthy as it should be.
• Without a proper amount of vitamin C, our heart is put at risk for issues as we age.
• *According to Linus Pauling (a noted Nobel Prize winner and biochemist) and others who have done research in this area, “coronary heart disease” is not a disease at all.
– It is a symptom of an enzyme missing in people that is needed to make ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from glucose in the liver.  This enzyme is gulonolactone oxidase, or GLO.
– The coronary arteries typically suffer the scorbutic (scurvy) effect from the lack of vitamin C and collagen and begin to deteriorate first because they are subject to the greatest degree of mechanical stress from the pumping action of the beating heart.
– These little cracks and fissures that develop over time cause your body to try and heal them.
– This leads to inflammation inside your arteries as your body sends the wrong types of bonding agents to try and fix this.
– Without the proper nutrients at levels that your body can use, your body sends too much of one healing agent and not enough of another.
– Without healthy collagen from abundant vitamin C, lipoprotein(a) cholesterol penetrates the tissue to “patch” weak blood vessels.
– As these patches build up, blockages occur and heart issues occur.

• Other effects include:
– Spine, ligament, and tendon integrity
– Skin, bones, organs, and brain arteries
– Peripheral vascular disease
– Carotid artery disease
– Aneurysms and strokes
– Erectile dysfunction


Research suggests that vitamin C can:
• Keep skin young and radiant looking and protect it from solar radiation damage.
• Slow the aging process.
• Reduce arterial damage (which often leads to plaque buildup and blockages).
• Protect and boosts the immune system.
• Promote fat loss.


**The therapy that Dr. Pauling and others have developed, and the vitamin C/lysine/proline mix within each C-FIT  product, is not an absolute “cure” for this chronic scurvy condition that causes heart attacks and a host of other diseases.  This is mainly because it does not replace the body’s missing GLO enzyme that allows it to make collagen from vitamin C (the true disease).  Rather, these formulas replace the nutrient – vitamin C – that other species WITH the enzyme are able to make on their own, which prevents them from suffering from coronary heart and cardiovascular diseases.  The lysine and proline act as Lp(a) binding inhibitors, meaning that at sufficient dosage they can help reverse the plaster cast build-up (atherosclerotic plaques).  Lp(a) is the sticky form of LDL cholesterol that research has identified as the primary risk factor for heart disease.

The tiny amount of vitamin C in the U.S. RDA (90 mg for men and 75 mg for women) will, of course, prevent death from the vitamin C deficiency disease known as scurvy.  However, it is not nearly sufficient for the body to make enough collagen to maintain the strength and integrity of its entire cardiovascular system as well as bones, cartilage, organs, disks, ligaments, tendons, etc.  The amount of daily vitamin C necessary to treat latent or chronic scurvy, also known as human atherosclerosis, is nearly 100 times higher than the current RDA.  No human who consumes the RDA of 90 mg or less is immune to coronary heart and cardiovascular disease.  In fact, Pauling’s research concluded that daily intake of no less than 3,000 mg in divided doses throughout the day is required for adequate collagen synthesis and protection from heart disease, and daily intake of no less than 6,000 mg is required for those with diagnosed heart disease.

Recommended Pauling Therapy for the Reversal of Heart Disease
• Vitamin C: To bowel tolerance – as much as you can take without diarrhea. For most people this will be in the range of three to ten grams (3,000-10,000 mg.) each day. Spread this amount into two to three equal doses, 6-12 hours apart. (Vitamin C prevents further cracking of the blood vessel wall – the beginning of heart disease.)
• L-Proline: 3 grams twice each day (acts to release lipoprotein(a) from plaque formation and prevent further deposition of same).
• L-Lysine: 3 grams twice each day (acts to release lipoprotein(a) from plaque formation and prevent further deposition of same).


To feel good.  To look as great as possible.  To prolong our lives and allow us to live them as healthfully as we can.  And for many people, building muscle and becoming fit opens the door for all of the aforementioned things to occur.  The mega vitamin C/lysine/proline mix contained in all of our products helps everyone, from the once a week gym goer to the professional athlete, to achieve long lasting health along with getting the short term benefits of sports supplements.


Well, the reason your doctor has never heard about this or doesn’t tell you about it is simple.  Money.  It is because this low-cost therapy would bankrupt every major hospital in the USA.  Billions are spent every year treating the symptoms and illnesses caused by this lack of Vitamin C, whereas the cost of Vitamin C is fairly low.  And when combined in C-FIT  supplement products?  It is almost negligible.  So we here at C-FIT  have decided that it is time for the fitness community, and the world at large, to become more aware of the wonders that the mix of vitamin C, Lysine, and Proline can do for one’s health.  That is why in every C-FIT  product there is a potent mix of these 3 key ingredients.









Use at your own risk. Neither the FDA nor the Medical Profession accept the proposition put forth by Pauling, Rath, Levy and others that the root cause of cardiovascular disease is an acute vitamin C deficiency at the site of the arterial lesion.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.