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1) What do C-Fit products with MEGA Vitamin C do for you?

As discussed on the science page, C-Fit supplements give your body an edge to help you become as fit as you can possibly can be TODAY.   Furthermore, the long term health effects of C-Fit help your cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal, and dermal cell systems operate at maximum efficiency due to the mega vitamin C, lysine, and proline.


2) How much Vitamin C, lysine, and proline should I take?

Never do anything without the approval of a qualified physician, but a dose of 3000 mgs to up to 15,000 mgs a day of vitamin C, spread out over 3 equal doses, could be beneficial to your heart, skin, and overall health. Could also aid in the goal of fat loss. Lysine and proline should be taken the same way with a max dose per day of 5000-6000 mgs. The lysine and proline works in conjunction with the vitamin C for maximum health benefits.


3) With the mega Vitamin C in all C-Fit products, can I overdose on vitamin C?

Although too much dietary vitamin C is unlikely to be harmful, megadoses of vitamin C supplements may cause: Diarrhea. Nausea. If events like diarrhea occur, cut back on the vitamin C dose until bowel movements return to normal.


4) Is taking that much Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline safe?

Absolutely.  All 3 key ingredients are extremely safe in high amounts with none of them having a known lethal toxic dosage.


5) What’s the best age to start using C-FIT Products and are they advisable for elderly people?

Taking C-Fit products between the ages of 16 and infinity is recommended!!”


6) Are C-FIT products allergen free?”

Our products are manufactured in a facility and equipment that handles: Eggs, Wheat, Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soybeans, Crustacean Shellfish and Fish. If you think you are allergic to these foods, we advised consulting your doctor before using C-Fit Supplements.


7) Will there be more flavors offered?

More flavors will be available shortly!


8) Will there be more products coming?”

An active electrolyte recovery drink, a whey protein mix, and chewable vitamin C pills will be arriving shortly.