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I tried a sample of C-Fit’s C-Energize because I have found most other company’s pre workouts don’t really do it for me anymore. I lift weights heavy and hard and I think I have grown immune to them all. Wow is all I can say. I started out strong and only got stronger with my workout. By the end of the workout I wanted to workout for another two hours and my wife said I looked like the Hulk because my veins were popping out so much lol! Not sure if it is the Vitamin C mix or what, but it did the trick and I am a believer. Mixes well and tastes great too. Remember those orange push up bars we had as a kid? That’s it.

Brent B, Valencia CA

I have a history of family heart disease, and was told about this company by a friend of mine. I at first thought there is no way something so simple could work for heart health, but I think I was wrong. I was able to procure some samples of both the pre workout and the bcaa’s, and whether it has anything to do with it or not, my cholesterol has gone done, my little pains in my chest are gone, and when everyone else got this nasty virus going around recently here in CA? I stayed illness free. I get all that plus stuff to help me workout and it provided a great pump…so I don’t see how I can go wrong here. I will be interested to see what the doctor says when I go in for my next checkup. Will do an update. Really like the taste as well and look forward to more flavors.

Jeff V, Los Angeles CA

Being a girl and 17, I wanted to try something different from the macho heavy preworkouts that my bf uses. I mainly wanted something for my workouts and before my high school tennis matches. I tried C-energize and was amazed at how focused I was during the matches I used it in. I felt awesome. Really gives me an extra boost when I lift weights too. Have not been sick at all since I started it! Bonus!!!

Adeline K, Rockford MI